Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spooky Treats Class!

I just finished preparing the projects for my spooky treats class this week! (I know, kind of last minute, but I work well under pressure).

We are going to make the following items in the picture:
  • Tic Tac treat holder
  • Mini box with york peppermint patties
  • Test tube with Reeses pieces
  • Mummy and Frankie mini Hershey bar wraps
  • Mini-Popcorn slider
I'm so excited about Halloween and think these projects turned out super cute!! If you live nearby and want to attend, send me an e-mail!

Meanwhile, I have to husband and I both love Halloween and already started decorating for it. He put up a really cool graveyard in our front yard with gravestones and a fence with orange lights on it. Well, some disrespectful neighborhood kids went by and knocked it all down! Can you believe that? He was so mad. I just think it is so rude for someone to ruin something that is just for fun like that!! Anyway, it's fixable but just annoying that it had to happen, don't you think?

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