Thursday, December 17, 2009

Glass Etching on Candle Holder...

Here is a simple and really cool gift to make. I found this cool square glass candle holder and knew I had to make it into something. I've always wanted to try glass etching so this was the perfect opportunity. I cut out a snowflake shape out of contact paper using the Big Shot and the Sizzlit Snowflakes Die. I stuck it all onto the front of the glass (both the positive and negative shape). Then peel out the snowflake shape, leaving all the rest so you're left with the outside negative shape stuck on. The etching cream will etch whatever is NOT covered so that's why you need to do the negative shape. Make sense? Then you just follow the directions on the etching cream bottle. Mine had me cover it with a thick layer (wearing gloves), wait 5 min and then rinse off.... and ta dah..... it's etched. Cool, huh?

Hope you enjoy trying some of your own....I want to make some wine glasses next!

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