Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Double-Punched Flower Tutorial

Today I'm going to show you how to make this cool flower! This was one of the fun punched shapes we made at my punch art class last week. Since this one was a little tricky, I said I'd post the directions on my blog!

Step One:
Punch out one 5-petal flower in yellow. Set Aside.
Punch one in Red. I always punch with the punch upside down so I can see where I'm punching the paper.

Step Two:
Take the red flower and put it on a sticky note with the sticky side up so the flower stays put. If you don't have any sticky notes you can just use a bit of adhesive on the back and stick it to a piece of scrap paper. The reason you are doing this is because you're going to be punching this same flower again and it's easier to line it up if it's on a bigger piece of paper.

Step Three:
Place the shape on the sticky note back into the punch, holding it so you can see where you're punching. Line the punch up so that the pointy inside parts of the petals on the punch are in the centers of the red flower petals. Then Punch again.

Remove it from the sticky note...

And you have a cool new punched shape for your layered flower!

Then I added a smaller flower punched from the trio flower punch and a brad for the center....
Isn't it cute?

Here it is again-- Now I just have to make a card to put it on!

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