Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft Fair Recap!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... once I post today you will see why - I've been super busy creating goodies for the craft fair I participated in last weekend! I didn't get the best photos since I forgot to charge my camera and had to snap a few quick ones before the battery died but you can get an idea of what I had there.

Here's an over pic of the booth. A friend of mine gave me this big black display board-- it worked perfect to display my wreaths and magnetic memo boards:

In the middle I hung a piece of metal to display my domino magnets and some clothespin magnets too:

Here you can see the fall lolly wreath a little better along with my dry-erase frames:

And here is the Christmas wreath and more magnetic memo boards:

Of course I had lots of poops:

Thank so much to everyone who came to visit me. The day was a pretty good success and my booth was pretty steady the whole day! I had lots of compliments on how nice it looked. I do have a bunch of stuff left so let me know if you see anything you love and want to buy!!

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bellonjm07 said...

looks awesome Jen - sorry we couldn't make it!!!


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