Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stretchy Flower Bookmark

Isn't this the coolest thing? As a Stampin' Up Demonstrator we get a cool magazine each month with ideas in it, which is where I first saw a bookmark like this. I knew I had to try it and decided it would be one of the projects for my Christmas class this year! If you'd like to learn how to make this, you have until Monday to sign up for my Christmas class! I made this one using the Holly Berry Bouquet fabric and buttons but you can also use the Spice Cake fabric if you like that better.

This bookmark can be made to fit a variety of book sizes so you can customize it--wouldn't it be great to give with a book as a gift? It has some stretch in it so you can stretch it around to mark your page! I know all the book-lovers in my life would love one of these!

1 comment:

Jo said...

I must have missed this! Which month was it in? It is very nice, I'm gonna have to try it too! thanks for sharing!!


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