Thursday, January 14, 2010

New toys!

My new toys have finally arrived! I'm so excited for new stamps and punches too! I also ordered the new clear blocks and a couple of the clear-mount sets to check those out. At first try I'm impressed with the clear-mount system.

The blocks are really smooth and have great grooves in the sides for your fingers. Here's what they look like:

Then the stamps come in a dvd-sized case. These cases are great because the images are printed on the front in actual size and then again small on the spine so you can easily see what's in the set you're looking for.

Inside the case this is what you get--Stamps made of rubber that are die cut and a sticker sheet. You simply break the stamp out of the sheet, then attach the sticker to the back side, carefully lining it up so you can see where the image will be. Now the stamp is ready to use. You can see in the photo that I've assembled the flower.

I did a little trial of these and so far they seem to work great. You just set the stamp down on your table with the sticker side up. Choose a clear block that fits it. Set your block on top of the stamp and apply some pressure to it to get the stamp to stick. Once it's stuck on there I was able to shake it around and even clean it on the Stampin' Scrub without the stamp falling off. To be honest, I was worried about them falling off so I was impressed that it seemed to cling pretty well. Use the stamp just like you would a wood block stamp but now you have more visibility as to where it will stamp.

The other cool thing about these stamps is that they take up less storage space. here's a comparison:

I still love my wood-mounted stamps but I'm excited to have the new clear-mounted option! I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks of these!

I'll be stamping more soon so stay tuned for new projects coming up!

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