Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Medallion Coasters...

Hope everyone is getting ready for a great Thanksgiving day with family. I know I'm really looking forward to visiting with mine! We're supposed to get a snow/rain storm so make sure you travel safely if you live in the Midwest!

Today I'm sharing another project for my holiday class. My attendees will have the option of making some really cool tile coasters. To make mine I used the Medallion stamp set. This is so quick and easy and looks so professional when it's done! You could also use a different stamp set and color in the image with chalks... I've done that before and it also turns out beautiful. These are such a great gift idea! Make sure if you make these that you add little felt or cork feet so your recipient doesn't scratch their table!!


Kim said...

where did you get the coasters?

Jennifer Jackson said...

Kim-these are tiles that I got a hardware store. They're just tumbled tiles that you can use for flooring but work great as coasters!

Mrs. Webby said...

How do you do the Felt Feet or Cork feet. I have 35 of them all stamped and ready -- but the cork isn't sticking. Woudl love to hear your advice, Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

the tiles are beautiful, did you seal them with anything. want to make some for christmas gifts.
email addy:

Anonymous said...

Can you share the technique you use for sealing the coasters, please?
Sally Broster


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