Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yesterday in preparing for Halloween I tried out my new Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps! I've been dying to try these out since they arrived last week and I just love how they turned out. I made the Sugar cookie recipe that came in the box with them and I added in some food coloring (red and yellow until I got a nice orange color)

Here's how my dough looked:

Then I rolled it into about 1.5" balls and put them on a cookie sheet. I pressed them with the pumpkin stamp-- I found it worked best to dust it in a little flour first so that it didn't stick.

And here are the little guys, fresh out of the oven drying on my little cooling rack:

And they are yummy too! Can't wait to share these with my friends tonight! The cookie stamps come with a snowflake and heart too so I will definitely be making more for the upcoming holidays!

Want to make your own? You can contact me to order the Sweet Pressed Cookie stamps or check them out on my website here.

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Erika said...

They were cute AND delicious!


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